amp JOULE RELEASE (Summer 2017)

amp cameras is proud to announce the arrival of its latest HDR camera, the JOULE, offering over 13 stops of dynamic range with real-time HD video output. This tiny camera fits in the palm of your hand, but is packed with important features: HD-SDI and HDMI 2.0 output; 720p video at up to 240fps; 1080p video at up to 120fps; 4K video at 30fps; Bluetooth control of all features and settings using a smartphone or tablet; interchangeable C-mount lenses; and on-the-fly switching between five different tone map operators (TMOs).

Flying 40

Contrast is proud to be recognized as one of New Mexico’s leading firms in technology for a third year in a row. Presented by the Technology Ventures Corporation, Contrast took first place on the 2016 Flying 40 list of fast-growing companies with below $10 million in revenue. The annual listing, celebrates technology entrepreneurs and the contribution they make to New Mexico’s economy.


Contrast’s patented amp technology is poised to change digital imaging by providing unrivaled video and images that closer represent what we see with our own eyes. Today, Contrast holds four issued US patents and two foreign patents, and has seven US patents pending for our amp HDR technology.


We didn’t need a crystal ball to foresee needing more space and bright individuals to accommodate our growing business. And now with our recent office expansion, Contrast is just shy of 6,000 square feet, including a new state-of-the-art editing suite, meeting and collaboration spaces, and private offices; all of which, come with a view Albuquerque’s stunning blue skies.

Our team has also grown with recent hires of complementary engineers, designers and business savvy individuals. We’ve also added real-time image processing and software to our toolbox, and by doing so, are now able to see projects further into their lifecycle by moving beyond just the optical subsystems, into the realms of sensors, electronics and image processing. This allows us to provide our customers with end-to-end custom imaging solutions in the form of camera systems or other systems tuned exactly to their needs.