Imagine capturing a scene that lives up to the depth and brilliance of what you are experiencing with your own eyes. Contrast’s patented amp® HDR Live technology has been developed to do exactly that, reveal reality. The ARC boasts a 4K resolution and provides live, streaming HDR video. The additional dynamic range can be used to enable, enhance, and empower all imaging applications with data that would otherwise be lost. The ARC 4K HDR camera includes Contrast’s proprietary noise reduction techniques that improve range in the dark regions and preserves key data.

Harsh lighting conditions prove difficult for camera systems with limited dynamic range.


Contrast's amp technology provides extended dynamic range, preserving key data in the scene.

amp HDR. LIVE.

NOTE: Images taken with Contrast's early ARC prototype.

amp HDR

Sensor 1

Sensor 2

Sensor 3


HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and refers to a scene that includes both bright and dark elements — the sun, reflecting off water, with deep shadows in the tree lines, or even a regularly lit person standing against the glare of an open window. Contrast’s amp HDR camera system employs our patented amp image-splitting and combining technology to compose a single video stream from multiple sensors. The amp HDR camera system provides images and video in real-time, and produces and displays accurate, real-life scenes with displayed luminance ranges that go far beyond what is possible with any other camera. You get images that are always perfectly exposed, which capture the entire light range in every frame. 

By expanding the contrast ratio and color palette compared to standard video cameras, amp allows for a more realistic and natural video experience, enhancing all the details of a given scene. This type of progressive technology will pioneer the future of HDR content generation and video for many industries, including: broadcast and streaming video, medical endoscopy, industrial welding, molding and cutting processes, military imaging systems for tracking and recording, security and surveillance, live sporting events, nature documentaries, underwater inspection and even consumer smart phone cameras. We are able to customize our proprietary technology to support your content creation within any market category.



Contrast has designed and implemented complex image systems that incorporate visible, near-infrared (NIR), and short wave infrared (SWIR) optical paths in a single device. Custom image processing and scaling allows for blending over sensors to produce unique and relevant imagery in real-time. Our patented HDR image splitting technologies are used to produce HDR video for real-time streaming applications such as surveillance, video conferencing, industrial process monitoring and medical imaging applications. Contrast’s amp HDR technology is not sensor dependent and is designed to extend the dynamic range of sensors by over eight additional stops.

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