Welcome to Contrast®. As our name implies, we are strikingly different from any optical engineering company out there. We’re fluent in the language of science and we’ve mastered several of its dialects. Our unique team of optical scientists, physicists, and electrical engineers are passionate problem solvers. We specialize in real-time image processing, optical design and imaging system analysis, algorithm development, and electronics prototyping for manufacturability.  Contrast is a leader in the development and transformation of optical technologies. We’re taking steps to evolve our industry and by association, help other industries advance and thrive as well.


We have spent the past 12 years pioneering and developing custom cameras, optical systems and real-time image processing for clients all over the world.

Focused on creating
system-level solutions.

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Contrast provides workable, real-time
embedded system solutions that
regularly exceed the industry norms.


Contrast is committed to advancing the technological landscape through the art of optical system design and complete-system implementation.

Providing clients in-house
expertise and advice on
optical design and
image processing.

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Have you ever wished your digital camera could take a picture with the same depth and brilliance as your eyes? Let our amp HDR technology reveal reality for you.


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